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Students that apply for a First Year Living Learning Community (LLC) have the opportunity to live with other students who share similar interests. First Year LLC’s are just some of many other LLC’s offered by GMU. For more information and a complete list of the additional communities, visit Joining a First Year LLC is a way to make a big university seem a bit smaller. Students who participate in a First Year LLC find themselves immersed in campus life and culture from their very first day at Mason.

A component that comes with living in a First Year LLC is a University 150 course, which is taught by a Mason faculty member and an upperclassman Peer Advisor (PA). Each course is tailored to the specific needs and interests of the First Year LLCs focus. Students accepted to the First Year LLC participate in special programs outside of the classroom with their faculty, PA, and Resident Advisor (RA).  In addition, the First Year LLC provides resources for student-initiated programs.  With the help of the LLC Coordinator, students propose events and service opportunities that help to further the goals of the community.

By living in the First Year LLC, students agree to be active participants in their community.  Students attend at least one First Year LLC activity each month, which helps create an inclusive community that meets the needs of all of the residents.

While University 150 is the common element, each LLC has a particular focus. The following First Year LLCs are available for Fall 2016:

Program Goals:

  • Assist with academic, social, and cultural transition to college
  • Foster a sense of community and Mason spirit
  • Introduce commonly used technology at Mason
  • Develop and enhance decision making and critical thinking skills
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Present services and opportunities for involvement on campus
  • Offer students an option for a more intentionally quiet studying and living environment.
  • Share the excitement of living in an environment that combines the attractiveness of a small community with the resources of a large university! 


LLCgroupApplications are currently open.

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