Business and Economics


The Business and Economics First Year LLC is intended to assist students interested in business and economics with their transition to college. Faculty, Peer Advisors, and Resident Advisors will offer programs on the First Year LLC floor in which students may meet Business and Economics Faculty and interact with them in a setting outside the classroom. The PA, RA, and Faculty members working with this First Year LLC all have a personal interest and extensive background in the field of business and economics. Students in the Business and Economics First Year LLC have the opportunity to network with alumni at the annual Business Etiquette Dinner hosted by the Mason Alumni Association, as well as attend various leadership conferences throughout the year. Being a part of the Business and Economics First Year LLC helps students become better acquainted with the School of Management, presents networking opportunities for students, and fosters a community of interest in business and economics.

*Students accepted to the Business and Economics First Year LLC will be pre-registered for the Business and Economics section of University 150 (UNIV 150), a one-credit, one-semester freshman transition course.

Another opportunity presented to the Business & Economics LLC students is the opportunity to take a special section of English that pertains to their field to study. In these sections of English 101,First Year LLC students will study the history of business and technology and write on subjects of professional interest. Students will read and write about Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and the beginnings of General Electric. Another component of the course is learning about the development of the first personal computers at Xerox Parc,, as well as viewing several films on the lives of important inventors and entrepreneurs.  ENGH 101 is a required 1st year writing course (unless the student has AP or IB credit coming in). In the First Year LLC sections of ENGH 101, tutors will help students with their papers; the course will cover subjects of special interest to majors or prospective majors in Business and Economics.




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