Engineering & Computing

The Engineering & Computing First Year LLC gives students in the Volgenau School of Engineering a chance to receive support from Faculty, Peer Advisors, Resident Advisors, other students, as well as tutoring staff to manage the academic demands of these programs.  In addition to academic support, Faculty, Peer Advisors and Resident Advisors will plan career-focused field trips and programs during which students will participate in and be able to interact with Faculty and guest speakers in their program.

Many students who partake in the Engineering & Computing First Year LLC find the close-knit academic support of their fellow peers in the First Year LLC incredibly helpful as they move up through higher-level courses in their majors, including Applied Information Technology, various Computer Science, and Engineering programs.

*Students accepted to the Engineering First Year LLC will be pre-registered for the Engineering & Computing section of University 150 (UNIV 150), a one-credit, one-semester freshman transition course.

Another opportunity presented to the Engineering & Computing First Year LLC students is the opportunity to take a special section of English that pertains to their field to study. In these sections of English 101, First Year LLC students will study the history of technology and business and write on subjects of professional interest.  Students will read and write about such figures as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, learn about the development of the first personal computers, and watch several films on the lives of important engineers and inventors.  ENGH 101 is a required 1st year writing course.  Unless the incoming freshman has AP or IB credit in English the undergraduate will have to take the course during their first year.  In the First Year LLC sections of ENGH 101, tutors will help students with their papers; the course will cover subjects of special interest to majors or prospective majors in Engineering & Computing.


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