New Freshman Student Transition

The University 100/108/150 series of first year courses offers a unique opportunity to participate in a program to help adjust to the George Mason Community.

They are small, discussion-based one-credit courses offered to assist first year students with their transition to college. This course helps students adjust academically, build a community on campus, and learn more about resources and opportunities for involvement at Mason.

Space is limited and the openings go quickly, so enroll during Summer Orientation!


  • Assisting you with your academic, social, and cultural transition to college
  • Developing a sense of community and school spirit
  • Familiarizing you with the most commonly used technology at Mason
  • Developing sound decision-making skills
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Learning about the services and opportunities for involvement
  • Supporting academic and personal growth
  • Enhancing your critical thinking skills

You Should Know That...

More than 75 University 100/108/150 sections are offered in the fall, such as General Sections, LLC’s, Global Gateway, College-Specific, Off Campus, Out of State, and other special populations and programs.

Students who take University 100 are more likely to have a successful overall experience.

More than 90 percent of University 100 students have encouraged fellow classmates to take the course.

Students indicate that they feel their instructors are interested in their success.

The GPAs of students enrolled in University 100 are higher than those of students not enrolled.

New Transfer Transition

University 300/302/305 are 0-1 credit courses designed to help new transfer students transition successfully into the Mason community. Transfer students in their 1st or 2nd semester are invited to participate in this course which will allow them to discuss and learn about the following: degree requirements, policies and procedures, on-campus resources and opportunities, personal academic and career goals, resume development, and job search strategies. They are general or college-specific, and are most often taught for the first half of the semester.

Resources for admitted transfer students

Transfer students interested in attending Mason

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