Meet Melitta Igwe!

Associate Director for UNIV 100/150 Faculty, Curriculum, Campus Partners & Scheduling

Melitta is originally from Buffalo, NY and earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Design and her M.Ed in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs, both from the University at Buffalo. Melitta has worked at George Mason since 2010 and has been a part of the UNIV Courses and Programs team since 2016. Melitta has a passion for connecting with students and helping them recognize their true potential. Outside of work, Melitta loves spending time with her husband and small children. She finds great pride in being a mother.

Melitta’s primary role with UNIV Courses and Programs is to hire, train, and supervise over 60 faculty who teach a UNIV 100/108/150 course. In order for the UNIV faculty and Peer Advisors to effectively teach the course, Melitta also works with nearly two dozen Campus Partners to provide information/resources from the experts on campus regarding course content.

Associate Director Contact for Proposing a New UNIV Course, UNIV Registrar Functions, UNIV HR & Payroll Functions.

Jackie has been with UNIV Courses & Programs for over 12 years and been affiliated with Mason for more than 23 years. Fun fact – she taught the first UNIV College to Career course in the spring of 1998! She earned her B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, her M.Ed. in Counseling and Development from Mason, and achieved ABD status in her doctoral work, also in Counseling and Development at Mason. Her areas of professional interest are holistic college student development, career education, and the broad spectrum of life transitions.

Jackie functions primarily in a Registrar and Human Resources capacity with UNIV Courses & Programs, overseeing scheduling, registration, grading, as well as faculty hiring and pay activities. In addition she works with campus partners interested in developing a new UNIV course, assisting them through design to proposal to implementation. To round out life, Jackie has loved playing backgammon since a teenager and will give anyone interested a run for their money! She also has a life-long friendship with books and devotes a large place in her heart to her three grown sons.

Meet Jacquelyn Nash!

Kayla Vaughan

Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership

Kayla is a student in the Counseling and Development Program at Mason with a concentration in School Counseling. This is her second year working at the Graduate Assistant for Student Leaderhip in the CAART Office. Kayla received her B.A. in Psychology from George Mason in 2017! In her time at Mason, Kayla has co-taught 4 courses: Active Leaders, Emerging Leaders, UNIV 330 (PA Training Course), and UNIV 108.

Kayla assists in the Assistant Director for Student Leadership in hiring, training, and supervising the University 100 Peer Advisors! One of her favorite memories working twith the Peer Advisors is the Camp Horizons training retreat every one goes on. For her, it was great to see all of the Peer Advisors connecting with one another and the retreat serves as a chance to get to know each PA better.

Brianna is a Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership and has been with UNIV Courses & Programs since September 2019. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from American University in 2013 and is currently working toward a Masters of Education in Counseling and Development with a concentration in Community Agency Counseling here at George Mason. Her areas of professional and research interests include youth/student development, program development, African American studies, and mental health.

Brianna works alongside the UNIV Courses and Programs team to hire, train, and supervise UNIV 100 Peer Advisors. She enjoys training and concurrently building relationships with the Peer Advisors while they explore and make use of their excellent skills. In her free time she enjoys yoga/exercise, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Meet Brianna Hurley!

Meet Lindsay Crytzer!

Lindsay is a Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership and has been with UNIV Courses & Programs since February of 2017. She started as a Peer Advisors her freshman year in college and fell in love with helping students transition to life at Mason. In May 2020 she graduated with her BA in Elementary Education and now is pursuing her master’s degree in Special Education. Her dream job is to work in a K-3 Elementary school that focuses on the needs of students with Autism.

Lindsay works alongside the UNIV Courses and Programs team to hire, train, and supervise UNIV 100 Peer Advisors. She enjoys the training and providing professional development for the PAs, especially teaching tips and tricks to an inclusive and collaborate classroom for all types of learners and students!

In her free time she enjoys meditation/yoga, learning about astrology, traveling, and anything that involves the outdoors.

Maddie Smith is a recent graduate of the University of Delaware, receiving an M.A. in History in Spring 2020. She will be joining George Mason University as a graduate student this fall, and will be studying a M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development. Additionally, she will be working with the UNIV 100 Courses and Programs, and will be assisting with the faculty of these classes. Maddie was first introduced to the field of higher education during her time as a resident assistant during her undergraduate, and is excited to build upon those experiences through her position in UNIV 100 Courses and Programs.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring new parks in her area, perfecting her local coffee shop order, and spending time with her fiance, David.

Meet Maddie Smith!

Meet Nadia Boateng!

Nadia Boateng will be joining the UNIV program this fall as a Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership. In 2017, Nadia received her Bachelor of Science from Old Dominion University in both Psychology and Human Services. Since then she has been working with at-risk students and homeless families in Northern Virginia. Nadia is now in her final year of Mason’s Counseling and Development Program, with a concentration in School Counseling. As a school counselor Nadia plans to advocate for underprivileged students to have adequate educational opportunities for advancement. Other areas of professional interests include working with immigrant families, gender-based violence, empowering black/brown youth and mental health in black communities.

Nadia will work alongside the UNIV Courses and Programs team to hire, train, and supervise UNIV 100 Peer Advisors. She is excited to step into her new role and build relationships with the peer advisors. In her spare time Nadia enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, long walks, listening to podcast and traveling.

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